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Why Use a Balm?

Most Creams and Lotions are made of mostly water, which evaporates rapidly. Balms are highly concentrated because they contain no water and do not evaporate the way lotions and creams do. This allows the active ingredients to moisturize and penetrate skin throughout the entire day or night. Eye creams and other products packaged in jars contain a higher concentration of preservatives. If using conventional products that contain paraben preservatives and other chemicals, this can increase your exposure to these toxins.

Why Go Dry?

When water is introduced to a mixture it can grow mold and bacteria. Body care products that you buy commercially contain a hefty dose of harsh broad spectrum preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. Making these ingredients available to you in the dry powder form allows for a completely natural product with a great range of versatility. Cleansing grains and powders have been used effectively for centuries.


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