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Made With Love

Over ten years ago, I set out to create unique skin care solutions. I started making the best possible products for myself and my loved ones. Today I continue to personally make each of my products with this same love and attention to detail.

Cruelty Free Eco Beauty

None of my products have ever been tested on animals.

Become An Informed Consumer

I encourage all consumers to be educated about the potentially harmful ingredients found in our everyday household products.

Bath & Body Treats

This gloss is wonderful... and I have tried MANY! My lips are always dry and peeling but not with this stuff. All of your other products that I've ordered are great as well. Thanks so much!

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‘Nature Knows Best’

That's my philosophy.  I use only quality ingredients that retain the goodness of nature instead of choosing cheaper synthetic alternatives. All of my products are handmade, never from prefabricated bases.

None of my products contain parabens or sulfates.