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Conchita’s Top 3 Skin Care Tips for Overcoming Acne

In my experience, conventional acne treatments only seemed to aggravate my skin and often led to new symptoms that delayed healing. I eventually learned 3 essential things that I share with others who ask for help with acne and skin issue:

1) Exfoliation Is Essential -

Without regular exfoliation the complexion becomes dull or rough, pores become clogged and this can lead to breakouts. The trick is *gentle* exfoliation. Harsh scrubs can actually worsen and aggravate acne.

2) Moisture Is Key -

It's important to keep skin properly moisturized in order to encourage healing. Don't believe the 'oil-free' hype! Our skin is equipped with oil glands for a reason. If you strip your skin of natural lipids by using harsh soaps, cleansers, toners etc--Your skin will respond by producing more oil and this over production of oil can trigger breakouts. This is especially true with toners and other topical acne 'treatments' that are loaded with drying alcohols. See Clear Skin Toner*

3) Love Your Skin Back Into Balance -

Frying your skin with harsh chemicals and worrying about hideous scarring will only delay healing and cause further imbalance. Look in the mirror and visualize Clear Skin instead! Resist the urge to lay on the heavy, pore clogging concealer. While skin is healing, choose an acne-friendly mineral foundation that reflects light to diminish the appearance of skin imperfections. Use a high quality foundation without starches, oils, chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, or fragrances. Be sure to clean cosmetic sponges and brushes often.


Clear Skin


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